Travel Agents Back in 'Vogue' (Literally)

This month, none other than Vogue magazine is singing the praises of working with a travel agent/advisor/designer, in an article that asks the question, "Are We Witnessing the Return of the Travel Agent?" Here's Vogue's take:

Travel agent—it’s a job that seems to have gone the way of the television repairman or switchboard operator. But there’s a fresh new crop of travel experts—more aptly described as travel designers—who offer resources far beyond the basics of organizing flights, lodging, and tours. These designers create trips that you can’t just book online, trips for travelers, not tourists. And discerning travelers, at that.

We could not agree more :-). Nicely Travel's been sharing the same message with friends, family, and clients for years now, but it's really lovely to see this sentiment validated by the sophisticated folks at Vogue magazine!

In related news, CNBC recently published an article extolling the virtues of working with a travel advisor. According to CNBC, travel advisors are especially helpful in certain situations:

Travel agents are most helpful when it comes to "milestone" trips, according to Travel + Leisure's special projects editor, Jacqueline Gifford. Those are instances when you may want to leave it to a pro to handle the logistics of traveling to an exotic locale and coordinating flights, ground transportation, accommodations and dinner reservations, or even a local tour guide or translator.
Travel agents can also, for example, work their industry connections to secure an upgraded room with an ocean view or the best cabin on a cruise. They might even get you into a place that appears fully booked or lobby on your behalf if something goes wrong.

You can check out the full CNBC article here.