Hi, I'm Helen

I've been a travel planning nerd since childhood, when I'd collect guidebooks and maps to help plan my family's summer road trips. College took me to New York City, where I made friends from around the world, cementing my love for the horizon-expanding magic of travel. After college, I worked in media & entertainment in Los Angeles for nearly a decade. A couple of my jobs required creating complex travel itineraries, and I developed a knack for planning seamless trips, finding off-the-radar gems, and considering the little things that affect a traveler's well-being. Before I knew it, friends and family were coming to me for trip planning advice. Helping them experience better, more awesome vacations made me so happy that I decided to start Nicely Travel, where I now have the pleasure of helping all kinds of folks turn travel dreams into reality.

Affiliations & certifications

We've received The Travel Institute's Well-Being Travel Specialist certification, with extensive knowledge of health, wellness, and medical travel best practices.

We're an affiliate of Virtuoso, an exclusive, invitation-only network of luxury travel agencies.


As a certified Good Travels Advisor, we've received training from Tourism Cares on sustainable travel, giving, and volunteering.

Additional certifications:

What luxury travel means at Nicely

In our humble opinion, luxury travel opens the door to enjoy what you love most, with minimal stress or fuss. For some clients, a remote, well-stocked mountain cabin with magnificent views might feel just as luxurious as a five-star hotel. Someone else's idea of luxury might mean flying private, then staying in a simple beach hut bursting with local character. Our goal is to discover your own, deeply personal brand of luxury travel, and to deliver experiences that align with that.

We believe in the luxury of custom itineraries that match your interests, tastes, preferred pace, and budget. We value authenticity and freedom in travel experiences, and know that unstructured wandering can be just as (if not more) meaningful than guided tours and sightseeing.


We specialize in wellness vacations, including:

  • Spa vacations

  • Wellness cruises

  • Yoga, meditation, art, and writing retreats

  • Solo travel

  • Digital detox holidays

  • Nature-focused journeys

  • ...and those times when you just need to get the heck out of town, leave your worries behind, and enjoy a bit of peace & quiet in paradise :-)

We have deep expertise when it comes to:

  • California

  • The Western United States

  • Hawaii

  • New Mexico (esp. Santa Fe & Taos)

  • Japan

  • Southeast Asia (esp. Vietnam, Cambodia, Taiwan, & Philippines)

  • Mexico

  • The Caribbean

  • Scandinavia

  • Switzerland

  • Luxury, upscale, & premium cruise lines

  • River cruises

Meet Mr. Nicely

Mr. Nicely

You might've noticed our agency mascot is a friendly turtle — Mr. Nicely. He embodies our approach to travel: curious, open-minded, traveling light (with everything he needs on his back), and happily exploring with a smile. Most importantly, Mr. Nicely reminds us to take it easy and slow down, because, in the wise words of Ferris Bueller, "life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it."

Love Mr. Nicely as much we do? Send us a note and we might hook you up with some Mr. Nicely swag!

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